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Aspectos ecológicos de Callinectes sapidus (Decapoda: portunidae) en la Bahía de Chetumal, Quintana Roo, México
Manuel Elías Gutiérrez
Alberto De Jesús Navarrete
Felipe Eloy Sosa-Cordero
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Decápodos (Crustáceos);Cangrejos de mar;Ecología acuática
Decapods (Crustacea);Marine crabs;Aquatic ecology
Resumen en inglés: "In order to determine temporal and spatial distribution patterns of Callinectes sapidus, samplings were carried out during the climatic seasons of cold-front (January-February), dry (May-June) and rainy (August-September of 2002), in 30 sampling stations of Chetumal Bay grouped in sectors A (14 stations), B (8 stations) and C (8 stations). In each sampling station crabs were collected from two transects parallel to the coast, each with 3 traps, separated by 30 m. A total of 1 031 specimens of C. sapidus were collected. CPUE differed spatially and temporally. Highest CPUE was found in sector C with 1.3 ind. trap -1 and in the rainy season with 1.1 ind. trap-1 Population was predominantly composed of male individuals. The rate male:female crab individuals was 15:1. Males and adults (group II) CPUE was significant different between sectors and climatic seasons. Both males and adults (group n ) a greater CPUE was registered in sector C (1.2 ind. trap-1) and ratny climatic season (1.1 ind. trap-1). Abundance of female and juvenile individuals (group I) were low during the sampling period whereas group 0 juvenile individuals was null. A greater relative frecuency between sectors and climatic seasons were observed in 130-139 mm and 140-149 mm size interval (CW). Pearson product moment correlations exhibited significant relation ships between C. sapidus CPUE and temperature, salinity and dissolved oxigen. Spatial and temporal distribution showed that C. sapidus in Chetumal Bay can be related to salinity, temperature, habitat quality, food availability, recruitment and reproduction event of individuals. "
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