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A note on Pseudevadne tergestina claus, 1877 (Branchiopoda: cladocera: onychopoda) of Banco Chinchorro, with observations on its biology
Ivan A. Castellanos Osorio
Manuel Elías Gutiérrez
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Pseudevadne tergestina;Cladóceros;Taxonomía animal
Pseudevadne tergestina;Cladocera;Animal taxonomy
Resumen en inglés: "Zooplankton samples from Banco Chinchorro cointaned individuals of the marine cladoceran Pseudevadne tergestina. Samples were taken from the surface layer (1-2 m) during few days in 2-3 September, 1999 and 28-29 March, 2000. This species was present only in September in the sampling stations outside the atoll with a maximum density of 0.6 ind m−³. The species was not recorded inside the atoll. Parthenogenetic females carried from 1-5 embryos in the brood pouch. All the developing stages were represented (I-VI). The most frequent stage was IIIB followed by IIIC. The size of the animals captured ranged from 550-830 mm. "
Bulletin of Marine Science. Vol. 73, no. 1 (July 2003), p. 57-61. ISSN: 0007-4977
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