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2015A new genus and species of cyclopoid (Crustacea, Copepoda, Cyclopinidae) from a coastal system in the Gulf of MexicoArtículoEduardo Suárez Morales-
2012Hyperiid amphipod community in the eastern Tropical Pacific before, during, and after El Niño 1997−1998ArtículoRebeca Gasca; María del Carmen Franco Gordo; Enrique Godínez Domínguez; Eduardo Suárez Morales-
2000Redescription and taxonomic validity of Leptodiaptomus cuauhtemoci (Osorio-Tafall, 1941) (Copepoda, colanoida), with notes on its known distributionArtículoEduardo Suárez Morales-
2012A new species of the rare endoparasitic copepod Entobius (Copepoda: Entobiidae) from Mexico with a key to the species of the genusArtículoEduardo Suárez Morales-
2000The planktonic copepod community at Mahahual reef, western CaribbeanArtículoEduardo Suárez Morales-
2001On the taxonomical status of Arctodiaptomus dampfi brehm (Crustacea: copepoda: diaptomidae) with comments on A. dorsalis (Marsh)ArtículoEduardo Suárez Morales-
2008A new species of Ergasilus (Copepoda:Cyclopoida:Ergasilidae) from coastal fishes of the Mexican PacificArtículoEduardo Suárez Morales-
2013A new species of Metacyclops Kiefer, 1927 (Copepoda, Cyclopidae, Cyclopinae) from the Chihuahuan desert, northern MexicoArtículoNancy Fabiola Mercado Salas; Eduardo Suárez Morales; Alejandro Manuel Maeda Martínez; Marcelo Silva Briano-
2017A new anchialine Stephos Scott from the Yucatan Peninsula with notes on the biogeography and diversity of the genus (Copepoda, Calanoida, Stephidae)ArtículoEduardo Suárez Morales; Martha Angélica Gutiérrez Aguirre; Adrián Cervantes Martínez; Thomas Iliffe-
2012Redescription of the poorly known planktonic copepod Pontellopsis lubbockii (Giesbrecht, 1889) (Pontellidae) from the Eastern Tropical Pacific with a key to speciesArtículoEduardo Suárez Morales-